hearts & arrows

When it comes to diamond jewelry, the hearts and arrows diamond is definitely the masterpiece and most well-known phenomenon people associate diamonds with.

When viewed from the top (crown), an ideally cut diamond should reveal eight symmetrical arrows. On the other hand, when the diamond was viewed from the bottom (pavilion), it should reveal eight symmetrical hearts.

Due to the extreme level of cutting precision required for symmetrical patterning, Hearts and Arrows diamonds are sometimes called “super ideals”. Fast forward to modern day, the term “super ideal” is used to define a diamond with superior light performance, material quality and precise optical symmetry.

To gain this optimum reflection and refraction of light, the cutter must be willing to sacrifice expensive rough diamond material, losing significant percentage of costly rough stone to yield a superior beauty. Whereas it takes an hour to polish a standard cut, the "Super Ideal Cut" can take up to four days.

As a result of the extremely complex cut and occurrence of a rare phenomenon, the diamonds exhibit a complete "Hearts & Arrows" pattern that cost more to produce than a regular round or even a standard ideal cut diamond.
The standard of the perfect degrees for maximum brilliance, blended with perfect degrees of the Hearts & Arrows, results in the best diamond in the world today. The beauty that is the result of our factory's state-of the-art technical skills who labor to bring out the best from rough diamonds.

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